World Vision Proposal Essay

world vision essay


World vision is a Christian based charitable organization operating in over 100 countries. The organization’s major mandated is to uplift the welfare of underprivileged children. To achieve this mammoth task, world vision collaborates with families and affected communities globally to address the causes of injustice and poverty. World vision prides in serving all people that deserve its services irrespective of their background. Last year, in 2012, the organization spent 85% of its total operating expenses to fund policies and programs that were meant to uplift the well fare of underprivileged children. As it stands now, world vision is the 4th largest charitable organization with an estimated annual budget of over 1 billion US dollars. From the organization’s budget, it is conceivable that World Vision has programs that require massive resources. This paper analyses the effectiveness of World Vision’s solicitation methods, the organization’s fundraising practices and use of contributions. In addition, the paper examines the world vision’s overall benefits to society.

The Organization

World Vision is globally recognized as the worlds largest charitable organization. The organization has its headquarters in washgnton, United States. World Vision receives massive financial and material from all parts of the globe. The charitable organization has actively participated in numerous relief missions, rescuing so many victims of natural disasters and accidents as well as other medical emergencies. Since it was founded in 1950, the organization has built a great reputation for itself, such that it now has numerous chapters spread out across the world.
From its popularity and high amount of donations received comes the possibility of fraud and mismanagement. The organization is under through scrutiny to find out if there are any irregularities in its operations. However, this scrutiny has in almost all instances only proven how good this particular organization is.

The World Vision spends over 85% of its total revenue on programs that it undertakes to uplift the well fare of children. The organization invests almost all of the donations received to saving lives and rescuing victims of natural disasters. This puts it at the top of the list of efficient charity organizations. Another bright side of the World Vision is that it only spends about 3% of its revenues on staff compensation and other administrative expenses. The organization largely uses volunteers, and has fewer than 20,000 employees at all times. It is this particular characteristic that stands out from among other charities which usually spend a large chunk of the donations to pay employees. The organization’s strong point comes from the fact that it has a net assets figure of up to $148,549,125. This shows that they do not entirely depend on donations, and all the organization’s money can be accounted for easily.

Fundraising Methods And Use Of Resources

World Vision has over the years used various methods to raise funds for specific causes. The organizations main source of revenue is through donations. Donations come either from personal or corporate contributions (Lindahl 38). World vision also raises revenue through organizing fundraising campaigns. In 2012, the organization ran several online fundraising campaigns worldwide. In general, the organization incurs an average fundraising expense of about $104,135,919 (Charity Navigator). The organization has used methods like the text messaging, online donations, drop off boxes, volunteer collectors, as well as selling things like candy, T-shirts, cookies among other things. The expenses incurred in fundraising are usually as a result of creating mass awareness, as advertisements intended to cover such large masses does not come cheap (Wendroff 64).

The resources obtained from the fundraising drives are usually channeled towards a specific cause. The organization holds fund raising drives specifically for each project to ensure equity in funding. The random donations on the other hand are used in accordance with need. Given the size, popularity and capacity of the organization, it is understandable for it to get annual contributions averaging up to $1,055,753,031 (Charity Navigator). This is however not the total revenue as the organization also receives some revenue from its blood branch activities.
The World Vision incurs total expenses totaling up to $1,078,549,155 on its programs and this is over 85% of the total revenue. $50,199,557 goes to administrative expenses such as paying employees and catering for other operational costs. Basically, the organization operates on total revenue of about $2,200,000,000 and it has assets worth over $2,000,000,000 (Charity Navigator). With this in mind, the World Vision is practically the most efficient and effective charitable organization in the world. While some organizations receive low amounts of the total annual contributions, they have quite hefty pay packages for the top employees. The World Vision, however, despite its large net contributions per annum only pays its president Richard Stearns a total of $ 301,122 which translates to 0.01% of the total administrative expenses.

Benefits To The Society

The World Vision is a not-for profit organization. It however is run so smoothly and efficiently that were it a business the profits would have been phenomenal. With this in mind, it would be impossible to not notice the organization’s benefits to the society (Zaleski & Zech, 102). Most governments across the world are slow in responding to disasters. This implies that many lives are lost before any help can be given. With the World Vision’s expertise in providing humanitarian assistance to affected persons, however, help is always available for deserving children. The organization minimizes the losses after a natural disaster by ensuring quick rescue services for victims complete with medical services to handle the life threatening emergencies (Bray).
In areas of conflict, military personnel are provided with the much needed medical care as well as a chance to communicate with their friends and families back home. This keeps them motivated all through the difficult times of war.Through its international chapters, the World Vision provides relief food, clothing and shelter to those in need. It has also initiated training and sponsorship programs in poverty stricken areas especially in the third world countries in a bid to eradicate poverty.By allowing such huge numbers of volunteers to work in its programs, the organization also fosters international unity at such high levels (Mussoline 132). By bringing together volunteers from across the world to work together in its projects, the organization fosters a cultural mingling that benefits the individuals and society as well.

Through its missions in developing countries, the World Vision helps to reduce child mortality rates due to preventable and treatable diseases. They also work with other stakeholders to ensure that the health systems in developing nations are formulated in such a way that they meet international standard thresholds (Mueller).
From all the facts above, it is clear that the World Vision is a great choice when looking a charitable organization to associate one’s self with. The organization is not only efficient and transparent in its operations, but also very effective in carrying out its mandate. The organization has over the years rescued victims of over 60,000 disasters, trained over 10 million individuals with basic medical skills to help in times of emergencies, and provided food, clothing and shelter to millions of victims across the world, not to forget connecting military personnel in war zones with their families through telephone calls, emails and letters. It is in this light that I recommend the World Vision as a charitable organization of choice.
Donating to this particular charity assures one that the intention of the contribution will be fulfilled as the organization has a reputation of completing whatever program they embark on. The funds raised for each individual program always reach the specified people in need and a good example is the Haiti disaster. The World Vision ensured that the survivors were fed, clothed and sheltered and it even helped in the rebuilding and recuperation exercise(Holland 16).

When considering donation options, it is important to give to an organization that is close to individual values and perceptions. The World Vision has such a great diversity of programs ranging from emergency medical services, to disaster management, conflict resolution, assistance to the military in war zones, and even offering food and shelter to displaced persons in times of conflict or natural disasters like famines, hurricanes, floods among others. This organization’s diversity implies that it attracts more people with different humanitarian interests. This diversity also ensures that the donors get the desired results from contributions. Basically, this organization has benefited various societies across the globe in so many different ways that it would seem impossible to find fault in its activities (Wendroff 27).


A good charitable organization is one that spends most of its revenues on fulfilling its set goals and objectives. It is also one that is sustainable in that it invests and manages the surplus funds raised in its fundraising drives for future use. Another important characteristic of a good charitable organization is one that spends a minimal amount on administrative expenses and more so staff compensation practices. The World Vision basically takes the top position with regards to fulfilling its objectives and managing the donor’s contributions effectively. It is because of this that I find it such a great place to give back to the society. Given its international coverage, this organization ensures that help is taken wherever its needed regardless of state boundaries and it is in this light that I consider the World Vision as a champion in humanitarian activities. Donating to this organization is therefore a great way to give back to a society that needs so much help.