Women in Leadership Essay Sample

Every tremendous change is society is the result of decisions and strategies applied by leaders. Last three decades are evidence that women are also good leaders who are able to lead the country to the prosperity. According to Forbes, women are better leaders. Out of sixteen basic competencies they fail only in one comparing to man. In twelve from sixteen they are leading with the tremendous gap. The reason why women are still to be thought not good leaders is the fact that they do not promote themselves. Often they are concentrating on doing they best on the current position.

The competencies are divided into three sections: leading the organization, self leading and leading of others. In the situation of diverse community clusters, Africa is a challenging place for leader. Nevertheless, the ability of women to organize high-level communication is the best in the situation, when the country was under the last dictatorship. In addition, women in Africa have advantage as they were always treated as mothers. Women now are able to take responsibility for the changes. Their persistence and patience are the key which is able to cope up with the problems in functioning of the political system.

In this case, women are ready to develop and create the vision of new Africa. However, they will face the huge challenges, usually connected with the stereotypical way of thinking. The real leader is able to be ethical, demonstrate self-awareness and increase the  ability to learn. They are able to evaluate and treasure not only of particular country,but the importance of the whole continent in the world perspective. The flexibility in different situation allows to find the best solution for the problems and issues, which appear in the work. Despite the prejudice that women are not able to create structure, they are the first one who using intuition are able to generate new approaches in managing of political system in Africa.

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