The Money Game Book Report

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We should not forget that we live in a material world. Today, a lot depends on what every of us can afford. Money is a catalyst to speed up any process, action, pushing the limits, which in turn leads you to achieve a goal.
It is interesting to hear such statements from those who have a family and children. They are trying to shut down as clams in their shell and do not recognize the real situation, and often have illusory ideas about the world. This illusory world is a world where everything starting from healthy eating to higher education and status in society depends on money. Well, yes, in fact it is much easier to talk than to make an action. Therefore, with respect to the money people continue to be tracked by this naivety and lightheadedness.

Of course, smart clothes, a nice apartment, and villas highlight the status, but do not replace it. For example, the external trappings brilliantly use outdoor adventurers, wearing a decent suit to stick to passers all sorts of things at a higher price. Therefore, if a person is dressed elegantly and expensive, it does not mean that it is well earned.

Most often, this indicates that he has a reason to hide an income in order to give a false impression. More often, but without much pleasure, we say that the salary we have is too small. So, we talk with the chief of an increase in salary, or look for another job since we are not satisfied with the degree of remuneration. This process is endless since the sum we receive always may seem insufficient. Why this always happens? The answer is simple, and it comes from our wrong attitude to the salary. The right attitude towards money is more important than the money itself and their amount.

Salary in our viewpoint is a bit low, poor, unworthy of attention. “Well, I would like more” – that’s all of our expectations. It seems that material wellbeing and salary are incompatible. We believe that only salary is not enough to get rich and permanently give wealth a mystical meaning that is not at concerned to us, mere mortals, – the corruption, black money, tax evasion, money laundering, etc.

And what is our attitude to truly wealthy people, especially to the millionaires? State, they are certainly ill-gotten – they are braggarts, suffering from boredom slackers, who do not know what to do with their savings. Actually, this is very frequent problem people deal with. What to do with money? The most common thing is to spend them, whatever like. It may be entertainment, important and ridiculous purchases, charity etc. Although, money can perform more useful function – it could provide a person with happy and secure future. People are great at spending money, but not good at saving it. How to make every dollar work for you and secure your future? This question is answered in the book “The Money Gamer” by Charles Green.

This book gives an answer to the most part of questions ordinary people have about money. Especially to the main one – where does money disappear and why it happens so fast. The author explains and answers these questions in very easy manner that can be understood even by a child. Mr. Green uses emotional, intelligible language, full of epithets and metaphors, without all those economical and financial terms, that cannot be understood unless you have special education. The characters he employs for clarification of processes (the Indivisible Man, the Money Monster, and the Precreditor) are the personifications for all people’s fears and images about where money goes to. These fellows are to be described closer.

First, the Invisible Man, he is one of the most mysterious money thieves. How many times there was a thought in our head: “I have got a salary yesterday, and now I have a half of it, where have it disappeared?” The answer, given by Charles Green, is simple – the Invisible Man took it. He is the Man, who takes all people’s small every expenses like food, fuel, passway, coffee before work, cigarettes etc. (My Money University). He also takes money for uncounted prices for various goods.

For example, people usually do not look at the prices in a supermarket, thus they do not know what sum of money they should give at a cash desk. When the time to pay out comes, we just give the money only astonishing, why the sum is this big and where the money went to. The Invisible Man took it. Unfortunately, all of us met him, and not once. He is responsible for the 20% – 30% of your income for which you cannot account (Green 15). People meet him since we cannot count our expenses. If we start to record every expenditure the Invisible man will go to nowhere.

Second is the Money Monster having an insatiable appetite and eating as much of money as he can get his hand on. The more he eats, the more he wants. As much as 50 % of income goes to the Money Monster’s chaps. These are all the taxes, bills Government takes from us. Starting from its birth in 1913 with 16th Amendment, allowing imposing the income taxes, the Monster eats our money more and more every year. Unfortunately, he cannot be totally stopped. Some sums of money will go to his mouth inevitably, even if to use smart and simple rules described in “The Money Game” since we have taxations on all levels of government – local, state, country, and on all the things most cannot do without – cell phone, cable TV, water treatment and trash disposal.

Third, the Precreditor, being the cousin of the Money Monster, is greedy and insatiable. These are all banks we have a deal with, and first of all out credits (“Credit Card Reform in Action”). With the birth of the Precreditor in 1913 (he was born together with the Money Monster) the financial industry has become the most profitable industry of all businesses. All the fees and bills you get on the credit are taken by the Precreditor. For example, to get a Master Card credit card you have to pay out four fees simply to get the card. This comprises $247, thus you are already in debt when achieving a card.

The limit is $300, so actually at first you have $57 instead of $300 (“The World’s worst Credit Card”). The Precreditor took 5/6 of your credit card limit and this is a lot! Same thing is with all the credits you have, bank and other financial institutions introduce fees and wages for every tiny service they provide (Perman) using the Precreditor. His name is composed of “predator” and “creditor”, so it is obvious that he does not do anything useful for the customer.

There lots of questions discussed in the book, which I personally consider as ones of high importance. I did not even imagine that my money is slipping away every day into pockets of the financial dealers. After the reading of this book I will definitely change my money course. Most of people seize the day not thinking about future, which ends with retirement on the breadline. All people want elderly life to be some kind of award for all the working hours in life, but it usually ends with no retirement or very poor living until death. I definitely do not want such an end, so I will overview my attitude towards money.

First and foremost what I do is get rid of my credit card. It is indeed a debt whole without a bottom. I get a bill, pay it and next day I have to use my card again since I have no cash to live on – I spent it to clear my debts. This is a vicious circle. Paying off my credit card and getting rid of it is the first main step to the financial freedom. My card was something like a backup, but it became the only source of money, since my salary goes to the paying off the credit. Well, I think such a backup is not worth it.

Second, I will count every cent I spent and write where I have spent it. This step will help to eliminate the influence of the Invisible Man. If all the expenditures are recorded and rationalized he disappears. Anyway, it is pleasure to know where and when you spent your money. With such a record it is much easier to count how many money left and form a budget.
Fourth is the budget. I did not give a rush to the idea of having a budget, but after reading “The Money Game” I understood I was totally wrong. By systematizing the money you have, it is much easier to track the expenditures. Dividing money for the cost items, for example, allows having money for entertainment or food always, not taking into account the payment day. Also, this tactic allows having necessary sums of money for utility bills or credits. Once again, you know where the money goes, thus the Invisible Man and the Money Monster retreat.

Next is count every dollar. Green says that just $1 spent today has an opportunity cost of $30.00 over your lifetime. I mean, avoiding unnecessary purchases like 72-inch diagonal TV or the newest cell phone. Actually, all these purchases people do in order to brag their financial position and quality of life. In reality, they spend huge sum of money for “status” staff instead of making every dollar work for them maintaining their financial position. There are lots of people called “Brokenaries” who were milliners, but broke down. These people definitely know the price of money. They spent their fortune on unnecessary staff and what do they have now? Thus, to avoid the faith of a Brokenary the extra things are blotted out of my purchases list.

The main problem is the mindset. If the goal is to obtain a huge sum of money for the happy retirement the mindset should be prorated. A millionaire mindset is, in my point of view, one of the most important changes to be done, all the above is useless without changing the attitude towards money.

This mindset requires focusing on the where I want to go and make every dollar count for the vision of my future. Also, it helps to maintain the financial position be giving every dollar a job. Again we return to Brokenaries, they have such huge sums of money that never thought to give a job at least $100. These are, for example lottery winners, striving for wealth but not knowing what to do with it. Even Governments should have a millionaire mindset since USA has $54 billion debts and they continue spend money (US Debt Clock)!

This mindset helps not to take a financial problem as something evil or attack. It considered as a positive sign that you need to change something and not just anywhere, but in a world view, for example, to believe in yourself, to understand an unlimited potential and talent. Difficulties with a salary are unique life lessons, a concern about getting you moving forward. For example, you will need additional training for a new post – operation received.

If you are lazy, you hear a signal will be worse and so on down to poverty, as long as you do not realize that it is important and urgent problems to be solved when they appear and do not pull up to the last. So it is important to be related to a lack of finances seriously, learn how to skillfully handle the received money for their work. By distributing the money wisely, we are freed from the bondage of material, giving full play to ourselves. And that is not a cash investment – health, education, career growth – gives the greatest return? Use only in my life the true value of the earned money, and do not let yourself get bogged down in the material. Only the poor in spirit tremble for their property, and this condition leads them to the material, and even, I dare say, moral impasse.

Next step is creating an emergency fund. I never tried to save money against the rainy day. Now I see that it was my mistake. As all my money goes to credit card bills I have no secure fund for emergencies. Who knows, maybe my house will be robbed or I will get in a car accident tomorrow and I have no money to make my thing better aftermaths. Creating an emergency fund also helps to stay afloat if I lose a job or home. It is a good idea anyways since nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Thus, it is a way out, to have some extra money just in case.

One of the advices “The Money Game” book offers is buying a house since it is the best long-term investment in your future and financial security you can get (Green 22). I think it is useful since your home is your castle and there is an obvious benefit in living in a house. Although, it not allowable for me to buy a house at the moment.

If to believe Green it is necessary to pay a mortgage in 15 years to get a profit of buying a home. Well, for me the mortgage will last for 30 years minimum, so I cannot afford a house right now. Still, buying a house is the useful way to save and invest money and as soon as I get the opportunity to buy me own “castle” I will do that. You never know when if you will become unemployable, especially after age 50, thus, having your own home is the guarantee that you at least have where to live (Kucera & Howley).

I have already said about forming the budget. One more important thing about it is the right size. Now, I can tell that my budget is too big for me since I cannot save a dollar from it. I think there is too much money spent for entertainment and unnecessary things. To make things better and to improve my financial position I should resize my budget to have an opportunity to save some money.

Another important step is appreciating time. Having a work is good but until it takes all you free time. A job becomes the life for lots of people today and what is the sense of retirement then if there are no other hobbies except job? Some people work to improve the living standards but miss the life itself behind the job. It is not me variant. I understand, that working from the dawn to the sunset will make old and lonely, so this not makes sense of getting retired even with a huge sum of money on the account. I do not want to lose the life itself because of seeking of the quality of life improvement. Time is our main ally for our financial future, those who invest in store, time – is an invaluable ally, the same one who ignores these actions time to become invincible enemy. The most valuable thing a man can have is the time which can be used for good, or to make an enemy.

After the reading of “The Money game” I started to hate my current life. Now I see it as dark, full of debt and unnecessary afford to make little money. Now, I see that everything I have done about me capital is wring and some steps should be taken towards the situation improvement. Firstly is it necessary for me and my future. Without a clear program about the things change me financial future will like the one of the overwhelming majority of people today – living from paycheck to paycheck, spending fortunes to pay for credit and refusing in entertainment since all the money goes to the Money Monster’s chaps and the Invisible Man hands. This is really said. I am glad that I have read this book since it changed my world view at large and money view in particular.

With all steps above I consider my financial future being very bright. The hardest step I have to take is changing my mindset. Let us remember the same Disney cartoon “Duck Tales”. Remember how Scrooge McDuck belonged to his money, especially the first 10 cents. He is a millionaire, he is rolling in money and he has such attitude towards a small sum of money. Why, yes, because these small 10 cent coins comprises all his fortune. This is clearly seen when he opens the repository, where there are lots of small coins, a straight fables.

I will pay the debt I have on my credit card and finally will be free of this money devourer. Well, a card is the biggest problem now and first of all it is necessary to stop digging a financial whole. The vicious circle must be broken as soon as possible. I will buy a home and this will provide me with the most solid and profitable investment ever. Not taking it account that living in a private house is much more pleasant than in an apartment. As it is said – my home is my castle.

I think following advices above will make me earthian and characterful. It already taught me that penny saved is penny earned. I think with such an attitude me financial matters will be at high level. But this does not mean that I will forget how to enjoy life, and from time to time will not spoil myself with something sweet. As I said before, making money 24/7 does not mean being wealthy. A real millionaire mindset, which I definitely will have, does not mean that you should work day by day. I do you believe that a small compromise is the key to long-term financial success. This balanced attitude will help me to maintain a balance between the costs and savings.

I must say that this book will definitely become my bed-side book. Especially when taking first steps towards my goal. Furthermore, when I reach my goal I will recommend it to all my friends and family members in order to make them as happy as I am.

To make a conclusion, I should advice you to be clear about what you need – and start to act in this direction. So, sit down with a hot cup of tea with your best friend, wife or partner, and start writing all the sources with which you will make money. Please write about everything, why have a relationship already, then write all the ideas than they could do, what to organize. And in the end, imagine that you have power over everything. No matter what you want – to own a car factory, to be a speaker, coach and world-class travel around the world to give lectures – write in to your list. Bases always have the strength and even more. Write everything you want in this life to do. Do not limit yourself. We have got no less than 50.
From now on, every day, thinking about her future business, read the right books, ask, watch, look for anything that might be necessary, prepare a business plan and act. And according to the law of attraction the right people come, the right resources, and all will be as you wish.
Usually we hear from friends and acquaintances: “Planning the family finances – it is only savings” or “I am unable to save since welfare of my family so miserable” and here are diametrically opposed statements like “You cannot take a loan, you should live within your means” – “No, you need to take all from life, and take it now since later you may not need what you want now!” This is one of the major misconceptions that we usually stay with our quest to finally start planning finances for the future. But neither of these is true, and here’s why.

Who would want to live permanently in a state where “all the nuts tightened?” But the financial plan and its subsequent implementation does not mean absolute savings in all. You do not have to indulge in all the pleasures of life, quite the contrary, to set specific goals, you can just try this “joy of life” more fully, as they will be able to achieve. After all, the most basic – You decide for yourself – what is important to you and meaningful, and that – no. From these principles, and will build your financial plan in the future.