Persuasive Speech essay

Persuasive Speech

The major condition of the efficiency of oratorical speech is the contact with the listener. Psychologists define it as a unity of mental conditions of orator and audience, mutual understanding between the speaker and the listener, ability to build rapport. The speaker and the listener should solve the same problems, discuss same questions.

From this point of view we can judge all four videos as exemplary. What really makes these speeches outstanding is the feeling of sincerity and urgency of actions which need to be taken straightaway which speakers manage to transfer to the audience.

In the case of the first two speakers we see ordinary people, but what they say and how they say it just can not leave us untouched. When you watch them speaking you really believe in what they say.

The contrast between the image of the little girl and her mature words makes you feel uncomfortable that you still sit there watching her speak in the name of all children of the world and do not do anything for our planet yet. Her simple words make listeners tremble because of the real avalanche of frightening facts which we prefer not to notice. She keeps repeating simple truth and this constant repetition makes listeners think about the points that arise in her speech.

Audience of Andreas Schleicher feels confidence of the orator, his calmness and dignity, hardness and resoluteness of his voice. His gestures, pose and movements combined with his way of confident transferring of facts to audience make his speech grounded and well-perceived.

Presidents Reagan and Kennedy identify themselves with the people they are talking to, the fact that they spoke to them in their native language made the impact on the audience even greater.

Concerning the structures of the speeches in all four videos we can say that they all were deliberately filled with lots of repetitions and rhethorical questions. Usually this way of structuring by using these methods helps orators to get the meaning across to the audience and make people feel the same about the subject, feel its urgency.

When little girl constantly repeats :”I’m only a child” you do feel sadness and sympathy for her and for what she says.

But in the case of Schleicher’s speech his constant repetition of same concepts of education makes listeners a little bit bored and dull. I think he could have diversified his speech a little bit by engaging some videos of other teachers talking about the systems in their schools and countries. This would have made his speech even more visual and lively.

Kennedy’s speech with his unforgettable call to let them come to Berlin, makes people excited and captured by the every word of the President.

Similar idea of lots of slogans and calls is used in Reagan’s speech and it has exactly the same impact of admiration and excitement.