My Life and College Narrative Essay Example

College affects people’s lives more than they can even imagine. Obviously, the main goal of going to college is to get a good education which would help to get a good job; but there is more to college life than this. College has a huge influence over people’s relations because it changes the way they interact with each other and makes them change life priorities. College can be time consuming therefore because balancing children, friends and partners can be quite challenging. Maintaining healthy relationships while pursuing higher education can help with one’s success, but it is not always easy to achieve that. College can alter relationships for better or worse, and a person should determine the consequences of these relationships him- or herself.
After analyzing my life in college, I have realized how much it has affected my relationships with people dear to me. Since I have started college, significant people in my life have seen less of me. I cannot say that our relations have worsened because they are too strong to be cracked by challenges like these; but not I have to divide the time and attention between education and people close to me.

The relations with my children have changed due to the lack of time; I cannot be with them as much as I used to be because of college assignments. We do not have “movie nights” anymore because I am doing homework or studying. It seems that sometimes we talk with each other too little. Unfortunately, college has affected my communication with children in a negative way because now I am torn between education and family. Good thing about it is that now we all do homework together and have fun with it by helping each other out. Another advantage of studying in college is that finally I would be able to use the skills I obtain there for my future, and it would also be a great example for my children.

College has changed relations not only with my family, but also with my friends. Jeffenise, who was my best friend since tenth grade, used to talk to me every day for hours, but since I started college we are lucky to even text each other messages. I remember the great times we had together while going to the spa, getting our nails done and having lunch, but it has been more than six months since we have done that. I want us to be as close as we used to be and to keep our habits, so we will not lose the great memories we share.
On the other hand, college has helped me to improve my relations with my partner because we both go to school and study together. We help each other in our weak areas; I help her in reading and science, and she helps me in math because she is good at that. Doing homework and studying together is our quality time.

In the conclusion, I want to say that I am the one who determines the relationships and the way they evolve. It is up to me to maintain my education and strong bonds with people. I can say that college is very important, so are the people dear to me. This is why I am going to use time management properly to help me to keep healthy relationships. I will have to balance the time I dedicate to my family, to my best friend, to my partner, and, of course, to the education I get. Hopefully, I will succeed.