Marketing in Industry of Hospitality essay

Marketing in Industry of Hospitality

There is a broad variety of hospitality establishments in modern society. They make our life easier, pleasurable and comfortable. Consequently, the development of marketing science has become an integral part of any successful entrepreneurship.

“Marketing is the way companies interact with consumers to create relationships that are beneficial to both parties. Businesses use marketing to identify their audience before advertising to them. Today, this is most visible through social media interactions and contests” (Mashable, n.d.).

Restaurant of Italian food can be a good example of hospitality establishments. People are more and more willing to go to such places instead of eating at home. Accordingly, in order to make this place popular among people and profitable for owner a smart manager pays a great attention to a range of aspects. There are many probable techniques and methods that are able to cardinally change the situation with all business. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish right steps of business plan’s organization ending with promotion of the place.


In order to be one of the most attractive places in location and the best relaxing place with non-ordinary decorations and particular menu Italian restaurant’s manager takes into consideration such important elements as sales promotion, publicity, public relations, advertising and personal sales. Very often successful sales promotion goes into publicity. Nevertheless, either internal or internal advertising of the restaurant should be well-organized (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013).

Sales promotion is considered a good method to always involve customers by offering them special dishes or drinks for lower price or even for free. There are many kinds of sales promotion but firstly people should know about them in order to use them. Sales promotion objectives include the background about customers’ needs and the financial goals of the manager of the place. The brand of Italian restaurant must be relevant to its audience’s ideas about it. For instance when our establishment tends to satisfy an average layer of the population then it will be fine to show average prices and sometimes set up special nights concerning Italian holidays and customs. It can be different music in the restaurant, dress code for customers as well as personnel and interesting decorations according to an event. The special menu will be presented and, probably, lower prices established. Then short-term levels of sale in Italian restaurant will flow into building of a long-term sale basis. The employees and employer of Italian restaurant will introduce a new service, for example putting on tables flowers preferred by customers, as well as new dish like an ancient recipe of Italian pie. In order to be sure in our consumers, the personnel will diligently be working to provide them with many beneficial items, because every customer defines the future of the establishment, either it will blossom or collapse. A smart manager had better reward people instead of letting them go to competitors (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013).

Publicity is a good source of free advertisement will be useful for the Italian restaurants. However only customers and owner are able to create appropriate reputation of the place. Brochures, booklets and different flyers will be suitable to make announcements.

Target market

Italian restaurant belongs to establishments situated in a downtown. It shows a good opportunity to involve many people into the place. Consequently, the manager has chosen to make the place not expensive but average. There are many expensive restaurants in such a good location including Italian, therefore a number of people will increase in our Italian restaurant and make the place profitable. In addition, it will make a would-be customer into a real customer and then into a regular one.

At the same time the main point for restaurant business remains responsibility for delicious food and excellent service which can be strongly promoted by techniques above. A vital issue of the restaurant business growing belongs to preferences of potential customers. Local traditions and habits should be also respected. With the help of all methods of promotion it is possible to make the customers come back and to increase a target market. The additional aim of Italian restaurant is to constantly expand its territory and circle of probable interesting activities there. It can be karaoke and terrace outdoors. In this case publicity and public relations will play a definite part.

Testing of success

In order to check out the results of promotion techniques that have been taken the manager had better observe the first financial outcomes, press releases and number of customers. Actually the last factor is the simplest to notice but is the most important. Everything has been done to involve customers and entice them. It is good to give out survey paper including several questions about service, menu and preferences. People’s ideas and thoughts are of the highest priority. Monitoring as an essential part of promotion testing includes such things as regular meetings of manager and his or her employees and suppliers can resolve probable problems and update current issues (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013).

If PR campaign is not successful then we will definitely change the direction of it. If it brings a good feedback it will mean that the restaurant business has been doing well. The owner of Italian restaurant will regularly invite journalist on special occasions in order to be closer with publicity. Every appealing impression makes the whole perfect picture of the restaurant.

Everybody knows that the role of advertising cannot be underestimated. As many times as people see the brand name, hear it on the radio, read and talk about it as popular the hospitality establishment will be. Italian restaurant is called “Antonio’s Cuisine”. Red, green and white colors are dominant in the restaurant’s name on a signboard. It may make people feel like they enter different country with particular environment. Advertising must be revised in case of little impact on customers.

Promotion Strategy

In order to successfully run the restaurant the combination of all techniques should be performed. Mostly the activities of public relations (PR) mangers shape thoughts that people share about the establishment (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013).

Italian restaurant will be operated by PR activity. It is possible to think over some charity event. For instance, the costs of every fifth pasta and third espresso coffee will be automatically sent to the local orphanage. In addition there will be a group of people who will manage gathering of toys and buying sweets for kids. The brand of the restaurant will be performed on hats and t-shirts of the establishment’s staff. Some clothes with the restaurant’s name could be given to children, too.

Special pricing and events belong to the objectives of promotion and fit restaurant business (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013). These sales promotions also perfectly meet customers’ needs and satisfy them. First thing is possible when people order a lot of different food then, for example, one portion of a dish can be for 30% price or even for free. It depends on people’s preferences in food and beverages and peculiarities of menu. Specially organized events are good chances to try different food and pay less. When customers follow suit of event then they automatically get free drinks or salads. The source added (2013), coupons act in establishment’s favor because entice the customer for definite period of time (Hospitality and restaurant marketing). However, special pricing must be carefully studied from time to time. It should not let people think about unworthy food or service. In such a case Italian restaurant gives special offers to its customers only twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday. Sometimes it is possible to set up tasting of new meal samples.

Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh is rich for a great number of students as well as specialists in the field of hospitality (“Customer care for the hospitality industry” classes”, 2013). Any visitor finds annual Culinary Arts Showcase a great performance and a wonderful opportunity to observe and try masterpieces of culinary. It is one of the most considerable event in the United States controlled by the American Culinary Federation (“2012 Culinary Arts Showcase”, 2013). People entitle Wake County like highly hospitable place in the USA. There are many professional instructors teaching students special techniques of many hospitality departments. Wake’s Tech is a fascinating sample to follow hospitality.

Community-based marketing programs

There are many possible ways to successfully create socially stable network and get two-way cooperation. Positive relationships with one community let the establishment be popular within another community (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013). Creating collaboration with other Italian restaurants, for example, will only benefit for both sides. Surely, any kind of promotion involves people into establishment’s activity. Donations, volunteer programs, charity, providing homeless people with means of livelihood can maintain a good impression about the restaurant’s hospitality (Hospitality and restaurant marketing, 2013).

Nevertheless, the manager must pay a big attention to organization that fits the best restaurant’s objectives. Honestly, it is a good sign of any hospitality establishment to perform different loyal ideas. At the same time the employer and employees should not to put on hypocritical masks of sincerity because customers are able to understand the truth. When such loyal activities are organized naturally and regularly then the both establishment and organization under assistance always benefit.

Event Planning

Every weekend “Antonio’s Cuisine” has a special offer for its customers. Next week it is the beginning of Quaresima festival in Italia. It is very popular and is well-known as joyful event with specially prepared food and drinks. Different costumes are suitable too. In such an interesting situation the Italian restaurant’s cooks prepare different meals. The personnel arranges the place in a new way. In the end, it looks very exquisitely but not poor. There will be selected music and several contest for fun. It will be “today’s specials” for lower prices. At the same time if people order more than four cocktails at one table they will get two more for only 30%. There are some booklets on each table providing customers with info about the best night club and sushi bar which are our partners in a town. This event will take place on Saturday that is why “Antonio’s Cuisine” will be open longer than usually. It often looks more appealing for people.

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