Legal Issues Involved in Electronic Business (Article Review)

Legal Issues Involved in Electronic Business (Article Review)

The exponential expansion of the internet to reach the entire world carries with it a collection of legal issues, frequently associated with intellectual property concerns such as trademark, privacy and copyright. These new legal issues affect the context of doing electronic business. States seeking to expand legal control over international digital connections face numerous challenges due to different legal requirements in different states. This paper analyzes the legal issues and related problems of e-business.

In the modern era of electronic technology, people do not consider the legal and ethical issues of doing business. In traditional commerce, it was impossible to start a business without considering procedures that follow rules and regulations enforced by the government which ensured protection of intellectual rights. Why has the e-technology exposed the exclusive rights of businesses? The possible explanation is that existing legal enforcement mechanisms have not been re-evaluated with respect to the rapid changing ways of doing business (Spinello and Tavani, 2005).

E-business, legal entities and individual information have to go through several stages. Security and privacy of an individual’s or company’s business information lies in the hands of their clients and competitors. The legal requirements of e-businesses should provide protection to companies or individuals regarding the use of electronic information. These legal actions can limit access to their information by unauthorized people.

Legal protections for intellectual rights can be achieved through addressing the issue of electronic content such as copyright and trademark. Older technologies such as recording and photocopy are bound by regulations regarding the amount of information sent. In contrast, a person can send large amounts of information through the internet to every part of the world. This information may be directly or indirectly copied from other companies’ websites.

A company or an individual can own a trademark. When another legal entity or an individual tries to access their trademark such as logos without authorization, they can be sued for damages. Fortunately, legislatures and international forums have been trying to address this issue. For instance, some countries have passed new laws to ensure effective protection of copyright and trademark in this digital era (Sinjela, 2007).

In conclusion, the era of electronic business exposes intellectual rights such as copyright and trademark to other business competitors. Legislatures and legal forums need to develop legal requirements that ensure privacy and security of electronic information.


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