Learning Disabilities essay

Learning Disabilities essay

Learning disabilities is a term that refers to the group of deceases connected with general mental and language development of an individual.This group of deceases occurs before age 18 and affects cognitive functions. Nowadays learning and communication disabilities are quite spread decease, but it could be prevented and corrected in the childhood.

People with learning disabilities are special and they require special treatment in society. Nowadays there are different study programs for such students. The aspects of the decease can vary: language, writing, mathematical, motor skills disorders each student needs specialized course of studying. The levels of progressing can be also different, as some of students need correction, and another need total help.

Such group of decease is very dangerous because parents can not see it in the moment. They can understand the fact of the real problem when the child shows poor process comparing to the peers. The stage of the decease plays significant role in future of the child.

A lot of concerned parents ask “what is the learning disability?”, as this term sounds generally. The answer is that it is a wide range of learning problems. It does not mean that the child is dumb, lazy, and poor in mind. They are normal children, but accept and implement information differently from other children. They need a handy help from the people surrounding them. Do not worry as the brain has an ability to change, and with right therapy the child would be healthy. Do not judge such children, they are as everyone else but need to be learned extraordinarily. Special ways of learning are suitable to help them to cope with the decease. Parents should admit that their treatment is very important for the child. Disapproval can be the beginning of individual complexes that can harm the child in future. The relationships with parents should be tight, friendly and warm. Understanding in the family would raise the effect of the studying and encourage the child.

There are different programs in schools made for students with learning disabilities. They practice a lot of techniques to help the children to succeed.  The first part of each school is the creating of individual program. Individual programs are provided because of the wide range variations of the learning disabilities. It goes without saying that the program for child with visual processing disorder and dyslexia will differ. So the individual program is oriented on each unique case. The professionals develop such program according to the depth of the decease and trends of the child to cope with it. Each student receives individualized instruction.

The teaching is organized also in special way. The material studied in the course depends on the achievement levels of the child. If the child succeeds it is a good sign that the educational process is memorized. So they can move forward to acquire new topics. If the child does not accept such type of teaching, the staff creates new program or corrects it to find the points of understanding which is the main aim of education. More time and strength go precisely on the specification of the child’s decease (language, reading, math, motor skills disorders). Different tactics often help, as specialists always strive to find comfortable program for the child.

The program includes challenging and interest activities. It helps children to interest in the educational process. It gives an understanding that everything they need they have to achieve themselves. It makes sense in their studying, especially for students with lower attention. Ordinary school program is used there, but changed to interest and give the understanding of the material by different interactive, associative techniques.

The troubles of communicating are common for children with disabilities. The special course with professionals corrects the social behavior, identifies fears, and helps to get out of the tight corner. Social skill development is included in all aspects of school program. It helps to solve the problem in a single package, but the time is required.

Students learn to make life-choices every day on practice with the tool of natural consequence. Deductive skills are good trainers for the brain work. It develops logical thinking, makes students think it over from the details to the whole situation and make their own conclusions. Such method raises the cognitive skills. In future life the child has no problems with the organization and analyzing of the thoughts, ideas, and whole surrounding world.

The whole educational process uses the tactics of team-building and cross-age grouping, different activities to bring up the adaptation of children in collective. It often helps to avoid communicational problems.

Schools can also provide specialists to help parents. Parents often are worried and have a lot of questions, which is obvious in their situations. Specialists consult parents in all questions, take into account their wishes for the child, and tell the information about the whole course, staff and inside regulations. Also parents receive an expert to help them with parenting. As it is significant part to help and cure the child, specialist explain “rules” how not to harm ,but make the child prosper.

To conclude, needless to say that learning disabilities (in case of helping the child and using special programs) do not prevent the learning process of the children. As they are not dumb, they simply need other presentation of educational program. Learning disabilities often helps people to find strength and believe in themselves and reach success. A lot of famous people suffered from learning disabilities, but it did not influence their achievement. The inventor Alexander Graham Bell, legendary strategic genius Napoleon Bonaparte, billionaire businessman Richard Branson, writer Agatha Christie, actor Tom Cruise, physicist Albert Einstein, Walt Disney etc. It is not the barrier on the way to the well-being in future. Society should get rid of the prejudices connected to learning disabilities. We are all equal.

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