Hunger Games Essay Example

Despite society in “Hunger Games” seems to be horrible and unrealistic comparing to the real world, there is a huge possibility for the modern society to become similar to the one in the book. Of course, there would be some differences, and there not necessarily would be anything like Hunger Games, but the form of ruling and the way people live can be used even to modern people. That is why society from the book can have a huge impact on real society since both of them depend on people and their choices.

Firstly, fictional society would change the modern form of ruling from democracy into autocracy and tyranny; and those, who think it is impossible because of great modern changes simply are unaware of examples of tyranny in many parts of the planet. Thus, turning the Earth into a place when the ruling party of government controls everything is not that difficult since people are not that hard to manipulate. Parallel between the book and real society can be easily found because society in “Hunger Games” used to function normally before the war between the districts (Collins, 2008). After the war and Dark Days, when one of the districts was destroyed, changes came; and society turned into the one described in the book. People became adjusted to the new ruling model, and they were no longer free, but dependent on the governors. Thus, such possibilities can be easily transited into society of 21 century. The war or catastrophe can easily cause a huge change in the political system; countries may unite or disappear, and their ruling systems may change to tyranny. That is why it is important to predict possible effects of such changes. The main effect is the change in the way people think. Example can be found in the book, where some people are blindly devoted to their way of life without any doubts about it; and others are skeptics who believe their voice changes nothing. Similarly, modern society can become quite like this.

Obviously, there still would be some differences, but just like in the book, people can be simply turned into fanatics who would follow the orders; people would stop thinking independently and would just obey the rules and do things they are told. Those still resisting would fear prosecution and mistreatment of others. They would also have to adapt to the existing model because they would not believe in the effectiveness of resistance. Thus, people would become frustrated and miserable with their lives; they would try to change something on the personal level, but they would always meet up with misunderstanding from the others. People would also perceive their future differently. Modern society is an example when people can do what they want with their lives; of course, they are also dependent on many factors but generally they are free. Society of “Hunger Games” would change such situation affecting the people strongly. They would no longer be masters of their own fates since they would have to follow the orders which can be seen by an example of teenagers who must participate in Hunger Games without really wanting it. Thus, people’s obedience and loss of confidence would turn them into quiet performers of somebody else’s will. This is probably the main, and the most dangerous affect that utopian book society can have on society people live in today. Nevertheless, there are not only negative effects since positive effects are possible as well.

For example, positive effect of that type of society on people today is that they would have to become more responsible and strong-willed in order to change the situation. Many people nowadays take everything in the world for granted; they think that democracy is a natural thing. They also think that freedom is something guaranteed. Modern people simply forgot that sometimes they have to fight for their rights and for freedoms. Thus, society from “Hunger Games” would remind people that they actually have to fight in order to change something. Teenagers like Katniss realized it; so should other people. The increasing injustice while dividing social classes would also affect people of today. They would realize how unfair such division is. Thus, they would try to erase such injustice when the poor have nothing, and rich ones have everything. Utopian autocracy from the book can cause real people to rebel. Thus, they would start thinking for themselves again and try to create a society where individuals would not be pressured.

As it can be seen, society from the book can cause many effects on modern people. Negative consequences can lead to people’s misery and inability to think freely. On the other hand, people would not remain dependent forever because resistance would eventually rise, and people would start changing injustices within society. Thus, they would start fighting and caring for freedom, and would return the world to the state it should be.

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