Gender Stereotyping essay

Gender Stereotyping essay

Gender Stereotyping

Part one

This is a powerful video that depicts obsession of modern people with looks. They want to look sexy as emphasized by the media. Most advertisements today portray thinness as the ideal shape for beauty models. Men on the other hand are expected to be masculine, with big muscles, strong jaws and good facial looks. Advertisements today are awash with such depictions. Such is the power of advertisement. Girls do not take so much notice of their looks during their tender ages. However as they grow old, during their adolescent stages, they begin to be more and more conscious of their weight. They go for diets that will make them as thin as possible. They forego some diets that they deem will add them unnecessary weights. Part of the vigorous exercises they do emphasizes on sexy looks: big and firm breasts, tight skin and glowing skins. They do not want bellies. All they want is good looks, fabulous thighs and good weights (Friedman, 2007).

The modeling industry, through adverts advocate for “thin”. Being thin is considered to be ideal. The ladies depicted on TV adverts, on the bill boards, and virtually every corner in town are thin, and perhaps sexy. This is the trend, and every girl in town is rushing to have this great look. Some time back curvy hips and firm breast were considered ideal. But times have changed of late. The obsession today for every young woman is to stay thin; they go every step of the way to achieve this. The advertisements are aggravating this further. These thin models are used to market food products, electronic gadgets and cigarettes. Such is the power of advertisement. Other words that are used to show this popular trend are sleek, slim and slender. In as much as this works for the advertisement companies and various businesses who wish to sell their products, this trend is bad and misleading. Imagine an advert that suggests smoking as a way of reducing weight. This means more and more people would wish to smoke. Smoking is harmful to health; we all know that. In the movie and music industry, every female artist prefers to stay thin. They do everything and anything to achieve this. But this is not just confined to the ladies (Friedman, 2007).

Men too are taking to the gym to have great looks. Again the media, especially through advertisement, fuels the perception that muscular and strong men are the stereotypical traits that members of the opposite sex appeal to. Men are depicted bare chest in adverts, in auditions. The male artists are hitting the gym and working out, all in a bid to have the great looks as depicted by the media. Well, it works for the media; it works for business owners; it improves the self esteems of ladies and men who wish to remain fabulous.  People spend most of their time in front of mirrors, working to look good. In the world today the youth are carried away with creativity issues. They have cases of transgender transplants. Men admire to be females and females admire to be men. Disciplined friends and relatives however discourage the youth from such obsessions.

Part two

As a youth I was always obsessed with being sexy and having great looks. Due to this I mingled with the ladies more freely. It became an obsession to me that after some time, I tried applying lip gloss, wearing tight pants and other ladies’ accessories. The ladies liked it and encouraged me. It was cool to them. The boys however were skeptical about it. They thought I was crazy. My parents would have none of it. It got worse when I bought a pair of studs and wore them. That night, at the dinner table, my dad called me aside. He discouraged me from imitating trends that I did not understand so much about. It was not a rebuke. It was an advice that I took in. Over the next one week my mum took me to a counselor who advised me against such sex orientations. The encouragement I got from family and friends was awesome. The media today is directly responsible for the obsessions with weight and sex that most youths want to identify with.