Freedom vs Predestination Essay Sample

Observing this theme, it is unavoidable to turn to the issue of God and human being. This is the question of centuries and of all the peoples. We can argue about God (gods) from heathens to Christians, but no one doubts that only God gives us freedom and controls the future. The question arises as to what predominates and if we have a real freedom or if there any predestination at all.

From Bible we know that the human being is the only creature who has a soul and freedom, but on the other hand it gives us a lot of prophesies, some of them come true, few of them not. Mostly, people are divided into two groups: one, who chooses the easiest way to believe in absolute predestination and opts out of creating their future and taking decisions, and the other – self-assured arrogant men, who rely only on their own forces.

One should understand that God gives us freedom to choose one from infinity of choices, some of them right, some wrong. Our future depends on our choice, God just creates the big picture of the world and every specific situation in our lives, but we work on developments. God can suggest and help us (if we ask for), but He does not make us to do anything, according to His will and pleasure.

We have a lot of examples of interconnections between our freedom and God’s will, for example in Old Testament:

  1. When God changed his mind to destroy the Ninevites’ city (by Jonah prophesy), after the people repented;
  2. After the reforms of Hezekiah, when God cancelled the prophesies of Micah and Isaiah about destroying of Jerusalem by Assuryans;
  3. The Israelite possession of the Canaan land, which they were promised to have forever, by Jeremiah and Isaiah prophesies, but lost it twice: after the Babylonians and later the Romans invasions.

We should understand and realize that God’s will in history contingents on human decision.