Final Project essay

Final Project essay

Briefly Describe the Organization That Would Benefit From Evaluation That You Will Use For Your Final Project

For evaluation purposes, I intend to use the Administration on Aging, which is a federal government agency. According to O’Sullivan, Rassel and Berner (2008), evaluation is an essential tool for guiding improvements in any particular program. Administration on Aging is an agency of the U.S Health and Human Services department (AoA, 2013). It has been mandated with the responsibility to ensure that older American citizens stay independently in the communities in which they live. It does this by awarding grants to the States and Native American tribal entities as well as local communities in order to support programs authorized by the congress. Additionally, the agency award discretionary grants to research organizations, which work on projects whose aim is to support the goals of the agency (AoA, 2013).

Briefly Describe the Program within the Organization That Will Benefit from Evaluation

The purported benefit will go to the Elder Rights Protection program of the agency. The main aim of the program is to protect the American senior citizens from known abuses to which adults other than the old are often susceptible (AoA, 2013). In addition, the program aims at assuring the primary rights as well as benefits of vulnerable senior citizens (AoA, 2013). Moreover, the program usually extend, and at the same time, conserve personal resources, assist in the avoidance of threats to financial security and empower the old citizens to initiate informed choices, and thus the capability to survive in the community.

Justify the Selection of the Program by Explaining Why It Would Benefit From Evaluation

This particular program is very essential. The evaluation will be conducted in a manner that is geared towards supporting the program. Following the evaluation process, the design of the existing program will be strengthened through clear articulation of shared goals, in addition to, objectives (Posavac & Carey, 2007). Moreover, the evaluation will help in facilitating informed decision-making regarding improvements on the existing quality of the program. Besides these, the link between the nation-wide program strategies and the program outcome will be reinforced (Posavac & Carey, 2007).

Develop and Explain a Research Question(S) Related To the Purpose of the Evaluation

What are the Barriers to Accessing the Program Services?

In the American society, there are significant numbers of senior citizens eligible for the benefits of the program. However, not all of them access these benefits, and has precisely indicated that this has been given rise to by several barriers. Such include environmental barriers, information and communication barriers, psychological and institutional barriers (AoA, 2013).

What is the Level of Efficiency of the Program?

This research question regards the manner in which the program renders its services to the target population. The key indicators of efficiency include comprehensiveness, accessibility and availability among others. Where the program will be identified as efficient, recommendations on how to maintain and increase the efficiency will be provided. Similarly, where the program is not efficient, solutions will be provided in order to attain efficiency.

Develop and Explain a Hypothesis or Hypotheses Related To the Research Question(S)

The evaluation will aim at proving or disapproving two particular hypotheses. These include;

Environmental, information and communication, psychological and institutional barriers are the main causes of inability to access the Elder Rights Protection program.

The existing Elder Rights Protection program is partially efficient and requires integrative measures in order to ensure full efficiency.