Ethical Use of the Graphics in Reports essay

Ethical Use of the Graphics in Reports essay

It is common knowledge that ethical problems are pressing nowadays. There are number of organizations fighting for the existence of ethics in all spheres of human life. One of the most important issues in ethics is related to the corporal ethics regarding the environment and animal welfare.

It is difficult to find morally important features of the world which we can reasonably value in relation to ourselves and which we share with non-sentient nature. Jamieson gives considerable attention to the concept of health in this context, but skeptically concludes that the notion of ecosystem health, for example, is philosophically problematic (Jamieson, 2002).

That is why, from the point of ethics, placing such visual tool is a controversial issue as it can be an indicator of the lack of ethics in Noland Engineering concerning the environment, since they are eager to do anything to achieve success in business.

Appropriate Persuasive and Manipulative Tool

Persuasion is ethical; it pertains to influencing something that your target audience needs. Manipulation is influencing your audience concerning something that you want (“Corporate manipulation” n.d.). That is why I consider the picture to be an appropriate persuasive and manipulative tool to meet the particular objective: gain permission to build an industrial park.

To prove my point of view, I would like to state that there are more examples of such tactics, for example, the report of Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation and that of The Royal Academy of Engineering, where appealing graphics was used to reach the target audience in a more efficient way.


Analyzing all the information, it is obvious that the graphics used in the report is a successful and persuasive tool in the function of manipulation designed to meet a certain objective, which is: the building of an industrial park.
In addition, it should be stated that persuasion is supposed to be an ethical way to influence the target audience. In my opinion, Noland Engineering complied with all the norms of morality.

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