Endocrinology Personal Statement Example

Endocrinology is my field of professional interest. Having completed my residency in internal medicine, I would like to continue my education in the field of endocrinology. I chose this specialization because I am deeply convinced that hormones, their secretion, and distribution form the basis of human organism functioning. Almost any disease has its roots in endocrine system imbalance. As an endocrinologist I am interested in treating complex conditions and my experience proves that by correcting the endocrine profile of a patient it is possible to reach positive therapeutic results. Success of my medical approach depends on at least three factors: leading a patient towards recovery; using best treatment practices; getting training and experience in order to ensure high level of professionalism. At the moment I appear to be before the final step towards successful completion of my training as an endocrinologist. My goal is to make this step and continue helping people as a certified specialist. I am sure that patients need to have at least basic knowledge on how to fight their diseases. With the professional help of a physician and on condition of cooperation with a patient, nothing bothers the process of recovery to be successful.

I realize that medical field requires life-long extensive learning approach, but I am ready for this because endocrinology is of great interest to me. Once having got the general idea of my specialization, I continue working on mechanics of my profession, and by constant extensive training I plan to become a ready-made physician. For this, it is always necessary to pass through certain steps: careful familiarization with a patient’s history, thorough physical examination of a patient, getting results of tests and their deep evaluation, drawing conclusions, and making the correct diagnosis. This is how I see successful algorithm of endocrinologist’s work.

Along with getting my training and experience, I hope to do more research in my field of interest. In this regard, prevention of endocrine disease in children and adolescents captivates my mind. Further on, I plan to develop my research and present my findings at various conferences. My purpose is to improve the healthcare system both at the operational level (for example, facilitate the use of protocols in daily work) and at governmental level (suggest improvements to government healthcare programs and practices in order to make them accessible for all the layers of community). During my previous trainings I revealed myself as a good analytical thinker who is ready to consider various opinions and find the truth on the basis of clear evidence, logical assumptions, and adequate conclusions. I think these skills will help me during training according to your program.

As a part of my previous experience, I worked with many highly professional mentors who taught me that medicine is humanism. For me it means that the key element of endocrinologist’s work is patient. The primary task for a good endocrinologist is to get a patient involved in the process of treatment and curing. In other words, when a patient is in control of the treatment therapy, when he/she realizes the importance of certain procedures and practices, recovery comes faster and with less physical effort. That is why, I believe that emotional component is also very important; thus, a good physician should be involved emotionally so that patients could feel that and be inspired by this influence.

Overall, I am sure that my personal characteristics will allow me to become a calm, considerate, respectful, and positively-oriented endocrinologist one day. I hope that this training will help me reach this goal and I will benefit much from a professional, well-organized, and comprehensive approach of teaching staff so that I could get the right direction in my clinical practice and continue helping people and glorifying my profession.