Effect of Medicare Cuts in Central Florida Hospitals essay

Effect of Medicare Cuts in Central Florida Hospitals essay

The proposed Medicare cuts will greatly affects the state of Florida unless steps are taken to prevent the situations. Studies indicate that Florida is one of the states in the U.S.A with the highest number of Medicare beneficiaries. It is estimated that more than 19 % of population in Florida benefit, in one way or another, through Medicare. In addition, it is estimated that Medicare cuts will be averaging at around $ 10 billion where this figure is expected to grow at a higher rate in the future. This is a clear indication that the cuts will greatly affect the lives of citizens who live in Florida.

First, the Medicare cut is likely to cause high levels of unemployment in the state given that thousands of people in the state are beneficiaries of Medicare. For instance, Medicare cuts will lead to hospitals in Florida losing billions of dollars that have been in use to pay medical staffs. Due to Medicare provisions in hospitals, they have been in a position to serve thousands of patients on a daily basis with a lot of ease. The Medicare cuts may cause crisis in hospitals in Florida since many may not have enough medical supplies to meet their needs. This is a dangerous situation given the state has the highest number of patients benefiting from Medicare. As a result the hospital will also be faced with nursing problems given  that the funds received from Medicare have been over the years been used to employ nurses in the state. For instance, more than 10,000 thousand nurses have been employed from Medicare funds in the state of Florida.  A crisis may loom in hospitals in Florida and at the long run the hospitals may not have enough nurses to cater for patients.

On the other hand, research in hospital will greatly be affected by the Medicare cuts for hospitals in Florida. A good sum of money that is received from Medicare has been channeled to support research and development in various hospitals in the state of Florida with an aim of improving health services provided by the hospitals. Medicare cuts means less money for research and development in hospitals thus lowering the quality of medical services that are offered by hospitals.

In conclusion, the Congress needs to address the current Medicare cut before they cause crisis in the health sector in the state of Florida. Lack of medical supplies as well as nursing shortage will be a major crisis that is going to affect hospitals in Florida. The only way to resolve the crisis is by stopping the crisis until other alternatives are implemented to cater for the affect areas by the intended cuts.

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