Dental School Personal Statement

Dental School Personal Statement

Living with parents dentists was the most fascinating experience that introduced me to events leading to dental care and treatment of dental disorders. My love of hard work and a self-cultivated attitude of learning sparked my interest in dentistry, which instantly took root in my mind. Although I had the passion for this profession, I was not determined to pursue the dentist’s career until the age of 19 when I went through the removal of my braces following a successful orthodontic treatment. This event brought a broad smile upon my face and I simply could not hide that joy. The beautiful reflection of my face in the mirror made me much more confident. It was so amazing that I decided to put a smile on other people’s faces by becoming a dentist myself. Nothing seemed as joyful as drawing a smile on someone’s face, and to me, the smile was a mouth with healthy teeth.

The mature sense of responsibility has driven me towards my goal of becoming a dentist. When my family moved from China to America a few years ago, they faced insurmountable financial difficulties. In fact, my parents had to resign from good paying jobs in China to go to America in order to find better career opportunities for me. This made our life even more difficult. As I now think about my parents’ decision to move for the sake of my career prospects, I believe that the least I can do for them is trying very hard to become a good dentist. This would not only fulfill my parent’s wishes, but also give me the opportunity to put a healthy smile on my patient’s face. This might not be easy, but my keen interest in dentistry is more of an obligation, a sign of homage to the efforts of my family. It is a positive paradox of a dream turned into a responsibility.

In order to have firsthand acquaintance with dentistry, I have observed closely several dentists in activity. As a volunteer in dental clinics, I learnt general dental procedures, such as oral examination, ultrasonic scaling, filling and extraction and root canal therapy. I have also observed such complicated dental procedures as implanting, wisdom teeth extraction, gum disease surgery and osseous tissue surgery. With such exposure to dentistry, I could not resist the temptation to help the doctor in comforting the patients, taking X-ray images, sterilizing equipment, and fetching the tool kit for dental operations all of which was a success. The patients’ sigh of relief was a sure indication that my work was effective. It is my deepest conviction that the first step in healing the disorder is to heal the patients, to give them care they need, comfort them and allow them to enjoy a healthy life. Apart from that, there are passions and hobbies I like pursuing. For instance, I am very good at handwork, which is very helpful for dentists, since careful handwork for efficient recovery of the patient acts as the basis.

As an undergraduate student, I have participated in a research with Wong Group during one year. I was inspired by the use of nanomaterial in modern technology that is used for building devices of the future. My project became a synthesis of nanowires using an ambient U-tube device that was more environmentally friendly compared to its analogies. Such experience developed my skills in carrying out laboratory research using different chemical analysis methods. I always associate chemical procedures in the laboratory with dental procedures I have understood that to yield suitable results, each task has a subsequent one that affects the preceding course of action.

After graduation from Stony Brook University, I have spent my time efficiently by working in a dental office. Under the guidance of my parent, I spent my days off studying teeth anatomy and practicing carving teeth out of wax. Although tooth carving can be time-consuming, the completion of the task brings me a sense of achievement. Such procedure not only helps build my eye-hand coordination skill, but also fosters my further interest toward dentistry.

In conclusion, I became interested in dentistry at an early age. The fact that my parents are dentists has always been a source of inspiration to me. They have brought me up as a viable candidate for dentistry field in order to support them and the society through dental care. I have spent much of my time using all opportunities to practice my skills as a dentist and gain valuable experience. Consequently, my becoming a dentist would be a well-fulfilled passion.

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