China’s Impact on Japan essay

China's Impact on Japan essay

The Japanese civilization was a much younger than the Chinese civilization. Therefore, China always remained the main factor that influenced the formation of the Japanese culture throughout the history. Japan adopted many political, religious and social aspects from China’s culture.

The Japanese language has always been an important part of Japanese culture. However, the Japanese language had a great impact of the Chinese language. The oldest known form of Japanese language developed by borrowing the Chinese writing system and Chinese characters (Frellesvig, 2010). Long time Japanese literature developed under the influence of China literary works also were created in Chinese. During the early Middle Ages, under the influence of China the image of scenes from an everyday life and subject patterns, which are often overflowed with digits and details extended widely in Japanese painting. At the end of the 3rd century, there was mass immigration of Chinese who brought to Japan the technology of iron (Zachmann, 2010).

From the early period, the political system of Japan developed on the Chinese sample: peasants were vested with the state lands, officialdom, accurate system of taxes and duties were also adopted. Borrowing the Chinese model of the state development, Japan perceived also the idea of the strong centralized power (Hayes, 2012). The big role in formation of a Japanese civilization was played by Buddhism distribution. For the first time, the image of the Buddha was brought to Japan in the middle of the 6th century by ambassadors from Korea and China. However, under the pressure of cultural specific of Japanese some aspects of Buddhism were changed (Reiber, & Spencer, 2010).

Mastering of the Chinese writing and lexicon was part of the general cultural China’s influence on Japan. However, it is important to consider that politically Japan never submitted to China, and not the pressure from the outside, but desire of Japanese to take that was necessary for them from the Chinese culture was a decisive factor of cultural process.