Cancer Campaign essay

Cancer Campaign essay

Is colonoscopy based colon cancer awareness campaigns audit, screening process and treatment measures being documented accurately for quality outcomes?

Presented at: 4th
Annual United Arab Emirate Country wide colon cancer campaign


The aim of this campaign is to create colon cancer awareness and to know whether screening and treatment measures are being conducted properly in the country through colonoscopy in 2012/2013.

Main Conclusion

There is limited public awareness about colon cancer and therefore limited documented information pertaining to screening, colonoscopies, treatment measures and diagnosis. The low data indicates sub optimality capture of data through ICD9 codes and therefore this may be an area of further investigation. Colonoscopy help in demonstrating 100% screening compliance and therefore public is argued to be screened. Early detection helps in early treatment of colon cancer and therefore reduces costs.

Factual information

  • Colon cancer is prone to people aged from 40-75 years
  • Colon cancer is dominant in  men than women
  • Early diagnosis through screening can lead to cheap and better treatment
  • In 2012 over 1.2 million incidences were reported .out of this number 50% death incidences were reported in the same year.


We encourage all of you to come for free screening, diagnosis and treatment measure. Let us kick Colon cancer out of United Arab Emirates.