Bioengineering Personal Statement Example

Why I want to become a Bioengineer
I have always wanted to work in a medical program. After much research and interest, I decided to join the Bioengineering Department. I am an international student from China. When I was in high school, I had a two-week internship experience at a Bioengineering lab. The lab was mainly on transgenic plants. I have also done a group project for a Bioengineering class in the spring quarter addressing safe drinking water crisis in African countries. We designed a portable water-purifying device that is cheap, effective, and suitable for developing countries. I am very interested in Bioengineering, specifically in the area of Technology for Expanding Access to Healthcare, which is a springboard in the development of cost-effective medical technologies for developing countries.

The experience I had from the internship and the project in high school made me develop more interest in Bioengineering. I was motivated by the work we did when we designed the portable water-purifying device. As a result, I developed an interest in bioengineering programs. The use of engineering principles to evaluate and solve issues in biology and medicine is a motivating factor in my future interests. In addition, I have an interest in making the lives of people more comfortable by solving their medical problems with engineering principles. This will only be achievable if I join the Bioengineering program.

On the other hand, the world’s population seems to be aging. With that in mind, it is probable that the demand for medical equipment and services will rise. There will be a need for additional rehabilitation centers to cater for the old and the disabled. Current advances in computer-assisted surgery and molecular, cellular, and tissue engineering designed to minimize patient hospitalization time boost the demand for Bioengineering. To achieve these goals, people like me will need to volunteer and join the Bioengineering program.
Besides, achieving my dream career as a Bioengineer, I have some goals in life that aim to make the lives of people better. One outstanding thing about being a Bioengineer is that I will have a wide range of skills and knowledge of the technologies to use in providing pure water to people. I will be able to get the right channels that can connect me and start my own company to produce purified water to people, especially in Africa. This will help me to improve the lives of the people.

The Bioengineering Department research matches my interests because its aim is to use technology to solve the medical problems. For instance, in order to make health care accessible, we will need to use technology since it is the fastest way to achieve the goals. Furthermore, in order to develop cost effective medical services technology, we will have to come in since through technology we can produce affordable, effective, and suitable devices that can aid in the provision of medical care. On my part, the water disinfectant devices will be able to produce pure water that will help to reduce waterborne diseases and, consequently, improve the health of many people.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to become a Bioengineer since the career requires a lot of discipline and commitment. I have faced some challenges that have made me flexible and competent in my work. The main challenge I faced was financial in nature. I was unable to attain my goals to expand the development of affordable medical technology. If I manage to become a Bioengineer, I will easily achieve my goals. I believe that am ready to become a Bioengineer since I have some background experience related to the bioengineering programs. In my experience, I have learnt the skill and values of a good Bioengineer, which makes me qualified for the program.