Annotated Bibliography sample

An Annotated Bibliography

1.      Achebe, C. (1973). Girls at War. New York, NY: Anchor .

In this book, the readers may find brilliant works of literature, written by one of the most talented and outstanding African writers, Chinua Achebe. The short story Dead Men’s Path is of particular interest with regards to the research made in “The Great Battle” essay. The exploration of a number of details in this short story helps a reader make a conclusion regarding Achebe’s life experiences and reflections. For instance, this short story has its central theme in the observation of a heated cultural conflict between a young headmaster with progressive western values and the local inhabitants of Igbo community, which is very interesting in connection with the fact that the main focus of Achebe’s academic research was in African cultural studies.

2.     Parascandola, L. (1998). Chinua Achebe: A Biography. Library Journal 123 (3), 142.

In this article, Parascandola speaks about the main highlights of Achebe’s biography. This article is of great interest in connection with the research theme since it shows the way Achebe’s biographical facts resonate with the major points from Dead Men’s Path short story. Particularly, the author of the article speaks about Achebe’s academic background, his major focus in the scholarly work, and his personal qualities such as tolerance and respect to the representatives of different cultures,

3.     Riley, E. C. (2005). Cervantes, Freud, And Psychoanalytic Narrative Theory. Modern Language Review 100, 91-104.

In this article, Riley makes an argument regarding the originator of psychological analysis, Sigmund Freud and his beliefs concerning the possibility to explore the personality of a man of art through his or her works. The main point of this article is that any work by a man of art reflects his or her personal life experience as well as personal beliefs and reflections. The value of this article with regards to the current research is in supporting the idea that Dead Men’s Path short story reveals important details from Achebe’s life.

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