Writing a Nursing School Admision Essay

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If a student is planning to get enrolled into a nursing school, writing a nursing school admission essay is a step that can never be avoided. Even though it may seem to you that it is some kind of regular essay writing, in reality it is not since it is decisive for overall student`s success or failure in the admission process. Depending on the quality of this composition, you can either get into the nursing school or not. Therefore, it is essential for those willing to become nurses become well-versed in the principles of writing a perfect admission paper.

A nurse entrance essay can be required in the following cases: when you are writing an application for some nursing program; when you are obtaining nursing career further as a clinical nurse or a practitioner; and when you are planning to enter a nursing school. Personal essays are not always required – it actually depends on the program – but nursing school admission essays are a must for you to reveal your professional plans and future expectations.

How to Write a Nursing School Essay

writing a nursing admission essay

Nursing school application essay is a clear requirement for all nursing applicants, and the document is at the basis of the admission packet sent for enrollment. Letters of application may be called differently: a letter of intention, a personal paper, a purpose statement, and so on, but the essence of writing is the same. The main goal you should persevere when you are handling this piece of writing is to provide solid argumentation why you should be picked for the program. Therefore, a student applying for a nursing school has to clearly explain the reason they persevere and also pinpoint to their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Last but not the least, it is vital to indicate how the program or studying will help one attain academic and professional goals.


To successfully tackle the writing process, it is crucial to know what elements should be included into the admission essay. One of the underlying steps for success is planning. So, devote sufficient time to plan the writing process properly: compose an outline or come up with an extended plan. More so, strictly adhere to the word count limit because the admission committee will simply stop reading the compositions that are longer than required. So, do not add any irrelevant or unnecessary details. Finally, focus on your strengths and moments when you managed to overcome some difficulties. Even if you mention some challenges in your life, highlight what helped you deal with them. Also specify what goals and accomplishments you would like to gain in the future.

When working on your nursing school essay, do not delve in numerous personal details. Focus on your experiences related to studies and work-related experience. Just imagine what information would best fit to the purposes of the nursing school paper. What information would make you stand out of the crowd of your fellow competitors? Keep in mind that the admission commitee read dozens of admission essays every day, and they select only those that have striken them most.

Put emphasis on the structure and mode of organization of your paper. Apart from double-checking all the paragraphs, transitions, and logical development of ideas, also ensure that your writing is free from grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntactic errors. Double-check the citation and formatting requirements. Make the paragraphs readable and consistent.

What a Nursing School Admission Essay Comprises of

You need to guarantee the following components in your nursing school composition:

  • appealing and catchy facts about your experience in the nursing industry;
  • reasoning as yo why you have opted for the nursing program;
  • clear vision of your career prospects and future professional role;
  • facts and details on your previous roles or your academic path of preparation for this profession;
  • outstanding personal attainments, transcripts, scores, etc.;
  • former experience in health care unit or medical training;
  • personal interest to continue nursing academic path;
  • description of character traits that may aid in further development into a nurse;
  • reasons the admission committee should accept your application.

Guidelines on How to Write a Nursing School Essay

The main aim of admission essay writing is to demonstrate solid proofs that you as an applicant are worthy of enrolling into the program. Whereas it is easy to catch attention of the admission committee with some personal story or details, in case of nursing application, you should not tell a lot of personal details. Just a few words will suffice and the rest should be profession-related.

Check out tips below that would help you manage your writing properly:

  1. Pick the information wisely. Spend some time finding the most relevant information that would help you vividly depict your past accomplishments, present career path, and future aspirations.
  2. Come up with a strong and interesting topic for the paper. Make the audience engaged into your writing. Focus on some engaging and appealing facts that would make your paper stand out of the crowd.
  3. Provide some details from your personal life that are essential for the committee to know. Highlight those aspects that pinpoint to your uniqueness but not just some random mundane facts.
  4. Provide some intrigue in the very opening paragraph. Try to catch readers` attention so that they are interested in reading further.
  5. Ensure proper structure. You need to follow the basic structure: the introductory chapter, the main body, and the conclusive chapter. Remember about a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement.

Remember that a nursing admission essay plays a decisive role in whether you are accepted for the program or position or not. So, make sure you plan it thoroughly in advance and then fill it with the most important information. Check the paper thoroughly for errors and be sure that you will achieve your goals.

Avoid Such Mistakes When Writing Your Application Paper

  • Instead of providing a mediocre nursing school statement, think of what unique information about yourself and your career goals you could provide.
  • Make your essay remarkable in order to impress the admission committee.
  • Avoid cliched phrases such as «For all my life I have aspired to become a nurse.»
  • Mention your personal motivations within the nursing career.

When tackling your nursing essay assignment, please clearly explain why nursing career is of great interest to you. Provide arguments and evidence why you like it, what makes it appealing to you, etc. Afterwards, share your contemplations and reflections on how you have progressed in your career; what steps you have already taken, who inspired you, whether you have some experience of nursing within the family whatsoever. Never ignore or undermine information about how you excelled in the nursing career. Shed light on your path in medical field: how you were preparing to obtain this career and so on. If you have some internship or volunteer experience, these facts are certainly worth mentioning.

If you encounter immense difficulties in writing your nursing admission paper or if this whole task is a daunting challenge for you, keep in mind that you can rely on nursing essay writers for expert aid. When you cooperate with a reliable and reputable service like Essay Treasures, you are bound to get admission essay writing help of brilliant quality. The admission paper will be brushed up perfectly in order to exceed all your expectations.

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