How to Write a Conclusion for a Compare and Contrast Essay

how to write a concusion for compare and contrast essay
An excellent essay must consist of three main components. An introduction, a body, and a conclusion should be involved in this scientific work. In the introduction the author has to attract readers and convey the theme to them. The main part of the essay is called the body paragraph.  Normally it divides into three or more parts and usually consists of several paragraphs in which reveal the main theme of the work, confirm it with hypotheses, evidence, and arguments. In the conclusion of the essay you have the final opportunity to make a permanent impression on the readers. This part is the most difficult for writing. A successful conclusion should fully carry out the argument and the main message of the whole text. There is such type of writing as a compare and contrast essay. In this paper, the writer usually gives the characteristics of some objects and compares them. We can oversee the difference or likeness of some ideas or situations that were opened by the author in his work. The main thing in this kind of work is to understand what its size will be, because the comparison essay has its own structure. It must include:
  • the opinion of the author,
  • paraphrasing the thesis statement
  • scope of conclusion.
Here the conclusion is regarded as the most important section. So, let’s review the peculiarities of this part of the essay in detail. The conclusion for a compare and contrast essay must necessarily comprise the opinion of the writer and the reworded thesis.  

How to Create an Appropriate Conclusion?​

First of all, the author should commit to suitable items for comparison, which will be considered from all sides throughout the article. He also must choose the kind of relationship that will stand out to formulate his argument and, as a result, will be stable in conclusion. Due to some resources, there are only three kinds of relationship between the compared objects. It can be:

  1. two similar elements that belong to the one group;
  2. things from absolutely different classes;
  3. categories that seem to be alike but during the extension of the essay show their clear differences.

Choosing the right object is the priority in compare and contrast essays. The conclusion is also a benchmark point in some way, where the author confirms the same withdrawal stimulator to cause a feeling of satisfaction in the readers.

Despite the importance of the conclusion, it doesn’t mean that you should write a lot of information on this part. Remember that author can’t write any new details at the end of the assay. Reassure that all the information you mentioned in this section has been already mentioned in the body paragraphs. Just remember to write the author’s opinion and the paraphrase hypothesis in short. Focus on the meaning of the work and the result that your points have had in the end. Don’t forget to remind the important moments that were discovered in your work.

So, just follow these prompts and your compare and contrast essay will be highly appreciated.


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