How to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

How to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

If you are applying to college, it’s time for the most important document in your packet: a personal statement. Your grades and test scores can only tell so much about what makes up who we really are as people; but when writing this one small paragraph on why exactly they should accept us into their school (or not), applicants have an opportunity that isn’t just limited by words – instead using every possible chance available such as telling stories or providing examples from throughout life which shows why these individuals would be good additions at any university!

What is a personal statement and why do you need one?

A personal statement is an introductory paragraph that introduces you, usually the applicant. It should include information about who we are and why our goals align with those of any given program or position for which one may be applying at hand; this can help us get into schools easier! Personal statements also come in handy when writing cover letters – though it’s important to remember they’re only intended as starters (and shouldn’t replace emails) because there will eventually have follow-up material coming from applicants’ resumes after being selected upon initial review- so make sure your story shines through via good grammar/punctuation.

How to start writing your personal statement

The first step to writing a personal statement is thinking about what you want the reader to take away from it. A good opening sentence can grab their attention and make them interested in reading more, while also providing an idea of how much time was spent on this project so far by giving background information or relevant experience that might not be apparent immediately glance-throughing at just one paragraph’s worth (or indeed any amount). You should begin with something concise but engaging – possibly even delivered as question.

Here are some ways to start writing your personal statement

  1. The very first sentence of your introduction should grab the attention. Instead, start with a bland opening paragraph that doesn’t have any hook or interesting content to keep readers engaged and interested in what you’re saying from the beginning until the end you have to start with some catchy thing like an anecdote.
  2. Be yourself. Your personal statement is your chance to show colleges who you are outside of grades and test scores. So don’t hesitate, be quirky or write about something that’s important in life!
  3. When writing about your experiences, it’s important to show rather than tell. You should give the reader an idea of who you are and what kind person by giving specific examples or stories from throughout life that paint pictures with words in such detail; they can’t help but be captivated by everything this new discovery has offered them so far!

What to include in your personal statement

It’s important to think about why you’re writing a personal statement, what experience or experiences have shaped who you are today and your future goals. It may be helpful if they also know our strengths as well as weaknesses so an applicant can tailor their application accordingly!

The best way to stand out as an applicant is by being honest and genuine. Avoid using recycled phrases or common vocabulary, instead make your essay unique with interesting stories about who you are that give insight into the program’s interests in accepting students like yourself! Make sure it has all of those pesky little errors printed clearly on paper so no one can say they missed something when reading through them later- because trust me: if there are mistakes then someone probably did miss them while going over previous essays before deciding whom should get accepted into their school/university.

How to make your personal statement stand out

That’s why it is crucial for you to make your personal statement as memorable and creative as possible. It should be engaging, Well-written without any typos or grammatical errors – most importantly though its specific enough so admissions committees will know exactly who they’re reading about!

One way to approach your goals is by focusing on a single experience or moment in life. This can be used as an opportunity for self-reflection, which helps you identify what’s important and how it all fits together so that we know if our aspirations align with reality or not!

Another thing that is always recommended for potential students is writing about your personal statement and why they should choose you over all other candidates.

Tips for proofreading and editing your personal statement

Proofreading your personal statement is a daunting task. However, if you follow these simple tips it can be easier than ever!

  • Proofread your work for errors before moving on. Make sure each sentence makes sense by itself and you have not left any mistakes behind!
  • Read aloud your personal statement. The sound of each word and the overall tone should be what you intended when reading silently in order to get an idea of what it sounds like out loud!
  • There are plenty of ways to polish your personal statement before you submit it. Ask someone else, such as a friend or family member for feedback on what they think could be improved about the document and offer their suggestions in order make sure everything is perfect!

Taking time for proofreading and editing your personal statement ensures that it is what you want admission to read.

Use examples of successful personal statements

There are many online resources that offer samples of excellent college applicants’ personal statements. Seeing what other students have written can give you a better idea on how to make your own essay stand out and show off all the qualities an admissions officer wants in their future student!


College is a chance to explore your passions, try new things and learn more about yourself. When you write this statement for college it should be honest but also specific enough so that colleges know exactly what they’ll get when reading through them all again later on- because there’s no telling which one might fit best! Your story can’t hurt either; some students find themselves applying with stories written by their parents or other close connections who have already been accepted into school(s). So make sure everything rings true while still being captivating enough without giving away any secrets too early!

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