Dental School Personal Statement

Dental School Personal Statement

Growing up with parents who were dentists was a fascinating experience that exposed me to the world of dental care and treatment. My strong work ethic and passion for learning sparked an interest in dentistry, but it wasn’t until I was 19 and had my braces removed after successful orthodontic treatment that I became determined to pursue a career as a dentist. Seeing my reflection in the mirror with healthy teeth and a beaming smile made me realize how life-changing dental care can be and how it can boost one’s confidence. I wanted to share that feeling with others and become a dentist myself.

My sense of responsibility and gratitude towards my family, who moved from China to America to provide better opportunities for me, has driven me towards my goal of becoming a dentist. In order to repay them and fulfill their wishes, I strive to become a skilled and compassionate dentist who can make a positive impact on my patients’ lives. Through volunteering at dental clinics and observing dentists in action, I have gained valuable experience in various dental procedures, including complicated ones like implanting, gum disease surgery, and osseous tissue surgery. I also enjoy practicing careful handwork, which is an essential skill for efficient recovery of the patient.

As an undergraduate student, I participated in a year-long research project with Wong Group, which inspired me with the use of nanomaterial in modern technology. This experience has developed my laboratory research skills and taught me the importance of attention to detail in every step of a procedure, whether it’s in the lab or the dental chair.

After graduation from Stony Brook University, I spent my time efficiently by working in a dental office under the guidance of my parents. I used my free time to study teeth anatomy and practice carving teeth out of wax, which not only helped me improve my eye-hand coordination but also fostered my interest in dentistry.

In summary, my passion for dentistry started at an early age, and my parents’ profession has been a source of inspiration for me. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to gain experience and practice my skills, and I am excited to pursue a career as a dentist to make a positive impact on my patients’ oral health and overall well-being.


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