Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay: Best Topics and Tips

Compare and contrast essau topics

Many students would probably agree that compare and contrast essays are believed to be interesting to write. Frankly speaking, there are some students who even enjoy the process of creating such type of essay. The main reason for that is that while working on it, you will hardly get writer’s block.

Moreover, this cannot be said with regard to other kinds of essays. You can opt for only interesting topics to write about because you are provided with an opportunity to pick any compare-and-contrast essay ideas. Apart from that, you can freely choose which side to support and how you want to contrast it.

Nevertheless, the fact that you get so much freedom absolutely does not mean that there is nothing hard you should do in order to complete this task. It is important to mention that the biggest challenge you face is in deciding on the most appropriate topic for you.

To tell you the truth, this can become quite a problem if you don’t do this attentively and without taking into consideration some useful tips. It’s high time to look at some compare-and-contrast essay topics for college students, as well as accurate and effective strategies you can take advantage of as you write. In such case, you can always buy compare and contrast essay on any topic you are assigned with.

Suggestions Regarding Writing a Superb Compare and Contrast Essay

It’s a well-known fact that you should begin with choosing a suitable topic to work on. Actually, this is the first and very important thing that is necessary to do. Bear in mind that this ought to be a topic that evokes interest in you. Obviously, this can also be something that you will find no problem with discussing in length.

Fortunately, there is a great number of things to compare and contrast you could concentrate on when creating your piece of writing. As a matter of fact, you have a perfect chance of determining the best topic that you have the desire to focus on.

Remember that in most cases, the chosen topics are supposed to be in the same category. As a matter of fact, they should be related to each other. For instance, if you make up your mind to go with some kinds of sports, pick two contrasting topics belonging to the same category, namely basketball vs. soccer.

Steering clear of working on topics that are devoid of any relationship between them, such as winter vs. diet, is one of the rightest decisions. It is apparent that this will be not easy to contrast and compare them as they are not similar at all. In addition, they seem like two worlds apart.

Do You Actually Compare “Comparable” Things?

However, it must be admitted that there are some unique students who manage to pull off comparing two things that have nothing to do with one another. What is more, such good art students are successful in discussing certain completely different topics. They do this from an artistic and creative point of view.

Such exceptional writers may pick a topic that is called life as a werewolf, for example. You understand that it is undoubtedly an unusual topic that might seem rather hard to explain and even imagine. Nevertheless, particular students are able to turn that extraordinary topic into a wonderful masterpiece.

A lot of students are indubitably encouraged to think originally, outside the box when deciding on a topic. As a result, there will be a high possibility of them earning better grades. Truly speaking, students who succeed in writing on complex topics may get a chance to become a student at the best Art universities in order to develop their talent and skills.

Writing Recommendations for Making Your Essay Excaptioannaly Good

It’s common knowledge that any well-written essay has to encourage your readers to proceed with reading right from the beginning till the end. Thus, your work should stand out, and it even doesn’t matter what type of essay you write. As you have probably realized, this is why it is significant to make sure that you complete a compare and contrast essay that intrigues and fascinates your readers by implementing these pieces of advice.

The first essential idea is to check a few other essays so that you get inspired. Most students state that it is a bit confusing for them to begin their own essay from scratch. It is highly recommended to devote some of your time to checking out related written essays that are in the same category as your essay.

This is the most effective way to start since you will learn better how to develop your argument as well as how to finally conclude. Moreover, you might get to know the way you can incorporate various sayings, quotes, and humor into your own compare and contrast essay. In addition, check on original ways regarding using our references so that some backbone could be added to your argument.

Why Critical Thinking is Efficient

Critical thinking is also very important. You especially need it when you are making an attempt to find an appropriate topic to discuss due to the fact there are a lot of to choose from. Start with brainstorming and writing down a list of the topics you like most and list down the similarities and differences to see which can be put together and have enough points for discussion.

Seek assistance from professionals. As soon as you identify beneficial education services, you can receive a key to the really helpful sources on your picked topics. Consequently, you will know how to build and back your argument in a good way.

Do Not Forget About Academic Requirements

Furthermore, you can resort to writing a literature review, revealing the sources you used and in what way they became a help for you in your discussion. To add, this is the way to increase your word count, avoiding unnecessary fluff. Keep in mind that proper formatting and in-text citations are worth taking into consideration.

It has been earlier admitted that a compare and contrast essay is thought to be an academic paper, therefore you, as a writer, need to use the correct formatting in accordance with the given instructions. Don’t forget to provide relevant evidence of your discussion in-text citations. Explain why you chose that particular argument.

You have already got acquainted with the tips concerning choosing the best compare and contrast topic. Furthermore, you also know what segments would be relevant to address as you write. Apart from that, you can also find necessary sources and make up your mind regarding which of them to use in your piece of writing so that it is interesting and relevant.

Nevertheless, you may face some challenges when trying to identify the most suitable topics for you to write about. Thus, we have singled out various topics that you can indubitably use in a compare and contrast essay.


  • Life and Death: Different Philosophical Views
  • Pros and Cons of Living in Reality and in Your Dreams
  • How to Remain Friends Being Aware of the Edge?
  • Reality vs. Fantasy World
  • To What Extent Are Dogs and Humans Similar?
  • Sources with Rights Reserved and Free Access: To Protect Intellectual Property or Not?
  • Do Music and Poetry Influence People in the Same Way?
  • How Are Philosophers and Victorians Similar?
  • Is Health Care More Important Than food?
  • Humans and Wild Animals: Who are wilder?
  • Evil Deeds: Should there be any justification?
  • Which Is Best: Simplest or complex explanation?
  • Is There Anything Common Between Religion and Philosophy?


  • Military Situation in Ukraine and the War in Syria
  • Differences and Similarities between the Government of China and Korea
  • The United States and the United Kingdom: Welfare Programs
  • The Islamic State vs. Al Qaeda
  • Legal Systems in Canada & the United States
  • Civil Union vs. Marriage
  • What Was Political Regime in the 1950s and What Is It Today?
  • Debit Cards & Credit Cards
  • Public and Private Companies
  • How Different Political Parties Respond to Terrorism
  • Republicans and Democrats: Their Environmental Sustainability Agenda
  • Agenda vs. Oratory in Politics
  • Democracy vs. Autocracy
  • In What Way Was Delivery by Different Presidents Influenced by Education Levels?
  • What Issues Do Political Parties Distinguish?
  • Ethnicity and Political Success
  • Traditional Liberalism vs. Modern Liberalism
  • What Socialistic Ideas Do Different Political Parties Put Forward?
  • Political Parties: Their Urban and Rural Organization
  • Political Alignment of State Governments and Their Performance
  • Voter Loyalty and How It Was Rewarded across States


  • Country vs. Rock
  • Superman vs. Batman: Who is believed to be the real hero?
  • Marvel vs. DC
  • Horror vs. Comedy
  • Voldemort vs. Dumbledore
  • Who Are Stronger: Werewolves or Vampires?
  • What Are the Differences and Similarities between 3D and Normal Screening?
  • Fantastic Four vs. Avengers
  • Prince vs. Michael Jackson: Who is the true pop music star?
  • Black Square and Graffiti by Kazimir Malevich
  • Newspapers and Twitter
  • Tinder and OkCupid
  • YouTube Videos and Reality TV Shows
  • The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
  • Divergent and the Hunger Games
  • Modern Dancing vs. Ballroom or Classical Dancing
  • Comic Books and TV Shows
  • Hip-Hop and Rap
  • Dracula and the Twilight Saga
  • Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Class Discussion and Facebook Comments


  • American Civil War and Its Causes
  • Modern Living vs. 19th-Century Living
  • Medicine in Ancient China vs. Ancient Greece
  • How Did America Look Like before Rail Tracks and Railroad?
  • What Impact Did the Cold War Make on the US as Well as the World?
  • Are There Similarities between the Great Recession and Great Depression?
  • China-Tibet Conflict: the Factors that Influenced It
  • The Circumstances that Led to World War I
  • English and Native Americans: The Nature of Relationship Existing between Them and Techniques that They Used for Asserting Their Interests
  • The Anti-Federalist Opposition Approving the Constitution: Reasons
  • The Differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton Regarding the Relationship of the States Government and the Federal Government
  • History or Geography
  • Can the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Be Called the Worst Failure in History?


  • Marriage vs. Civil Unions
  • Texting while Skydiving and Driving
  • The Influence of Parents & the Influence of Peers
  • Learning Chinese & Learning Latin
  • Being Boring & Being Bored
  • Watching Netflix and Going to the Movies
  • Linux and Windows
  • Public Schools & Charter Schools
  • Reading vs. Listening to an Audiobook
  • Teenagers & Toddlers
  • What to Choose: Studying All Night or Partying All Night?


  • Traditional Business Models vs. E-commerce: This definitely highlights a topic that would many companies consider relevant today. In fact, it helps in answering the question whether the advantages and challenges concerning modern business models manage to make them more successful methods in comparison to traditional ones.
  • Local vs. International Business
  • What Are the Differences between On-site Customer Care Services and Outsourced Customer Care Services?
  • Traditional Payment Methods vs. Online Payment Systems
  • Physical Business Office vs. Virtual Business Office
  • Experienced vs. Young Labor Force
  • Part-time Labor Force vs. Full-time Labor Force
  • Individual Performance Models vs. Fostering Teamwork Performance Models
  • Hiring Trained Employees vs. Investing in Training of Employee


  • Landfill vs. Recycling
  • Endemic and Endangered Species of the World
  • Plastic and Paper: Their Effect on the Environment
  • Glacier Melting: Causes and Effects
  • The Most Appropriate Alternative to Blast Fishing
  • The Orangutan Palm Oil: Crisis and How It Affects the Environment
  • The Gulf Pork Spill: Effects
  • Plastic Albatros Crisis and Marine Pollution
  • What Are Concerns Regarding Genetically Modified Foods as Well as Genetic Pollution
  • Nanotoxicology and Nanopollution: Future Effects
  • CFC: Damage It Caused to Earth’s Ozone Layer
  • Patch Reef and Sea Grass Ecology
  • Current Vehicles vs. Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles
  • Is Drilling in Deeper Water Believed to Be Safe? Suggest Safer Methods
  • Is It High Time to Stop Using Green Houses?
  • Better Economy vs. Better Environment

We hope, this article will help you to choose an interesting topic for your paper.  If you have no time or writing skills to perform a decent paper, don’t panic. Keep in mind that you can buy custom compare and contrast essay of the highest quality at Essay Treasures.

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