Arguments in Daily Life essay

Arguments in Daily Life essay

On Wednesday, I attended my literature 2 and calculus classes at university and had a pleasant day. During my literature 2 class, the professor assigned an argumentative essay which I actively participated in. I didn’t worry about the homework since the deadline was not until Sunday. Later that evening, my friend Sam and I went to play pool and ordered two large pitchers of beer. While we were playing, we heard people cheering and clapping, and we realized that the Knicks vs. Lakers game was on. This sparked a conflict between us, as I supported the Knicks and Sam cheered for the Lakers.

We began passionately praising our teams and providing reasons why each team was the best. I mentioned that Knicks had more time to rest and analyze their previous game, while Lakers’ strongest players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, were injured. Furthermore, I pointed out that the Lakers had older players, whereas the Knicks players were younger and had more time to renew their form. Finally, I reminded Sam that Julius Randle was a rising star and the leader of the team.

Sam argued that experience made Lakers players strong in defense, which would make it difficult for Derrick Rose to shred guards. Additionally, he pointed out that the Lakers had already been champions before, whereas the Knicks had been seeking the title since 1973. However, I responded by mentioning that in basketball, age matters because players need to be in their best form to win. Moreover, I stated that Knicks had seven days to prepare for the game and develop a successful tactic against Lakers guards. Lastly, I reminded Sam that the Knicks had already won two titles before 1973.

Eventually, the game ended with the Knicks winning, and we both realized that our friendship was more important than our sports preferences. We agreed that life is unpredictable, and both teams would win and lose many more times. It is better to show tolerance towards each other.

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